Sticker Market: All your favorite stickers, templates and GIFs in one place.

Emojis and stickers have literally transformed the way we communicate virtually. Although there are various way to connect and get in touch ,emojis and stickers are so far the best way to share mood, express emotions, attitude and tone. It’s kind of a language of expressing oneself through those small digital images, we all seem to be obsessed with.

With the rise of emoji usage, we have seen thousands of apps popping up, offering wide collections of creative emojis, stickers,filters, face markers, and more. Some users even have separate apps for each of them,to use on different social platforms. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to switch between your apps any more to be able to use your favorite stickers and emoji sets. Sticker Market has been launched recently,which is an all-in-one platform for emojis, stickers, GIFs and templates. Another great news is, it works on all top messengers, including Facebook messenger,WhatsApp, Viber,and even iMessage. I’ve been using the app for quite a while now, and I want to walk you through the app usage and features, and let you know how it actually works.

About the App

Sticker Market is brand-new app for stickers,GIFs and photo templates that works on Facebook messenger, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, and other top communication platforms. The idea behind the app is to enable its users to access all of their favorite stickers and emoji sets, GIFs and templates from one single keyboard.The app also comes with a sticker cam, which allows you create your own face emojis on the go. You just take a picture and apply a wide range of masks and effects to the pictures.

If you’re a designer, illustrator, brand or just a creative user, Sticker Market lets you share your the stickers you have created with the rest of the world and earn money along the way. You can sell your stickers and earn revenue for each of the sets. There are no additional fees or income charges for the first year ,so hurry up! Promote your stickers and GIFs , and make them visible to millions of other users of Sticker Market.

Sticker Market works perfectly well on IOS and Android devices, and on desktops with a Chrome extension.


You can get the app from the Play Store if you’re an Android user, or from the Apple Store if you’re using IOS. Once you install the app, you’ll have to set up an account. That’s a pretty quick and easy process. You can do that by registering with your Facebook or Google accounts, or by using your email address.


The app has a pretty straightforward and user-friendly interface. It uses a hamburger style menu, where you can easily access the app sections and check your own stickers, templates, GIFs and emojis. There is a setting icon at the lower right corner of the app, where you can change and adjust all the general app settings , from your account profile picture to the keyboard settings.

After the account registration the plugin will take you the the homepage,which is kind of divided into three blocks: Sticker Market, Sticker Cam and the Keyboard. Let’s get to know each of these blocks and see what they have to offer.

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is literally a market with a great selection of stickers, trending GIFs, and image templates. This section is searchable, with a search icon in the upper right corner. As you click on the search icon it shows the most recent and trending searches other users made. Stickers are divided into categories which makes it easy to browse them. The GIF section is kind of divided into two parts. The trending section shows all the trendy GIFs out there with the hashtags. You can also browse the GIFs by categories in thumbnail or list views. The categories cover a wide range of topic themes, such as actions, celebrities, memes, sports,movies, and more.

Sticker Cam

Sticker Cam is where I had fun creating images with various templates, masks and stickers. First you have to download the template sets you want to use on your images and then just take a picture. The app will start generating emojis, allowing you to reposition,pan and zoom the templates to make it best fit your image.
You can also create your own face emojis by cropping the part of the picture you want to make an emoji for. Just outline your sticker boarder and save and share it after you add a couple of tags to it.

Sticker Keyboard

Sticker Market uses one keyboard for all the messengers and apps, so that you don’t have to switch between keyboards. It’s stable, works really fine and supports 7 languages, including French, Russian,Spanish, Armenian, Ukrainian, etc.

Whether you’re communicating via Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger,or other apps, the keyboard is one for all cases. There are various keyboard settings you can adjust to your needs, and choose between the two available keyboard themes, the dark and the light one.

Final thoughts

Sticker Market is an advanced keyboard for those who like to socialize online and get the most of their communication.It’s quick, easy to use and works and looks really good. If you want to free yourself from the hassle of switching between keyboards and apps , this is the right option to go with. k