GazeCoin launches ‘Gaze Powered’ VR World on Steam, Viveport & Oculus complete with Gaze analytics system

Audiences can receive a ‘GazeCoin’ read out by engaging with Dream Channel VR on the following platforms starting today:

Dream Channel is a multi sectored ‘immersive’ entertainment world powered by Gaze

A live recording of Jonny Peters’ ‘Gaze Tech Talk’, including a Dream Channel VR demo running on the GazeCoin backend, is available on Facebook below:

CEO Jonny Peters in a ‘Gaze Tech Talk’

GazeCoin, the blockchain cryptocurrency token providing a scalable monetization solution for VR & AR, has today announced its launch of Dream Channel VR (Dream Channel), a proof-of-concept virtual world. The key feature of Dream Channel is its ‘gaze analytics’ system that shows how audiences generate GazeCoin transactions by engaging with content.

In Dream Channel VR, audiences venture into a series of connected worlds and trigger blockchain driven ‘gaze’ transactions by engaging with content. Audiences are rewarded in GazeCoin proportional to the specific time they are engaged (algorithmically measured by time spent viewing or immersed inside specific content). At the end of the experience, audiences receive an email providing them with a breakdown of exactly how this was calculated.

The GazeCoin algorithm tracks several metrics, including ‘hang time’, fixation, repeat fixation and much more, including other qualitative psychological metrics designed to measure attention and true engagement. Audiences can also earn bonuses from advertisers based on repeat visits and what they chose to do first.

“We wanted to go into an ICO with existing technology and much more than just a prototype — it had to be a fully-commercialized model,” GazeCoin Founder and CEO Jonny Peters explained. “Any developer knows the journey from white paper to functioning, valuable technology is fraught with danger. We have spent years refining development — and now we are here.”

The Dream Channel VR world comprises of 10 immersive sectors based mainly on musical genres including electronic dance, hip-hop, rock, pop, action sports and even a red-light district.

“The red-light district uniquely functions as a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ story-game, where the user is the protagonist”, Peters said. “The back-story is that your dreams have been stolen by gangsters who buy and sell dreams on the black market.”


Buyers can now purchase tokens by going to our homepage and contributing to the Crowdsale address below:

Token sale list closes 21 December 2017 11AM EST.

The GazeCoin Team