‘Techno meets Crypto’ in an epic VR/AR clubbing experience powered by GazeCoin

Photo courtesy of Watergate (http://water-gate.de)

GazeCoin, the attention economy blockchain token that monetises AR & VR, has made a deal with Berlin based aggregator Paradise Entertainment & Distribution to launch a VR/AR night clubbing experience where techno music fans generate rewards in cryptocurrency for going clubbing!

The deal with Paradise Distribution, who supplies the music licensing and monetization for Berlin night clubs including Watergate, Kater, Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos (to name a few) involves loading a music catalogue into the GazeCoin blockchain. Next the music is programmed into a Unity driven AR/VR app where it is triggered by fans stepping into a virtual night club. This ‘trigger’ marks the start of a blockchain transaction where GazeCoins are earned as rewards by the clubber and also by Paradise Distribution and the virtual DJ (content maker) for the exact amount of time that the clubber is immersed.

“The most important person in this equation is the clubber. Without that person there is no transaction. The whole reason why the rights holder, the DJ and the virtual world hosting them all earns anything is because the fan engaged. It seems logical but why is this the first time in history that the fan actually gets rewarded for doing this?” Jonny Peters Founder of GazeCoin.

The blockchain solves a huge problem associated with copyright and rights issues that has plagued music since Napster first popped up to disrupt the music world. They’ve been dealing with it ever since. GazeCoin provides the mechanic to not only solve this issue with blockchain tracking of every track but also seamless monetization.

GazeCoin already has over 40 electronic music artists who have opted into the music sector of one of the VR worlds that Gaze powers. Some of these have millions of followers. They also have some of the biggest genre based labels in the process of adding their catalogues .

Ralph Boge CEO of Paradise Distribution commented that “we have been wanting to do a blockchain driven solution for music yesterday for some time. GazeCoin with their unique immersive solution provides use with that opportunity. It’s not just about the blockchain, it’s about the interface and concept that presents the content to fans. GazeCoin has both”

About Paradise Distribution

Paradise is an independent digital music and video distributor network based in the music epicenters of Berlin, Hamburg and San Francisco. Paradise stands as one of the premier aggregators (including Music Rights Supply Chain collection) and most innovative Multi Channel Networks in the digital media landscape offering Pro and Direct Distribution plus brand integration.


Buyers can now purchase tokens by going to our homepage and contributing to the Crowdsale address below:


Token sale list closes 21 December 2017 11AM EST.

The GazeCoin Team

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