GazeCoin to list on QRYPTOS (Postponed)

Gaze Coin
Gaze Coin
Feb 2, 2018 · 5 min read


Due to a necessary change in our token contract address (see below for more), the scheduled listing of GazeCoin on Qryptos later today has been postponed.

DO NOT SEND TOKENS TO QRYPTOS until we confirm they have updated the token address.

IGNORE Below until the above section is removed.

The GazeCoin team has been actively negotiating with a number of crypto exchanges about listing and it is our pleasure to announce that GZE will be listing on the Tokyo based QRYPTOS exchange (part of the QUOINE group) on 12 February. QRYPTOS is the only exchange that specialises in specifically offering VR & AR coins.

They will offer GZE/QASH, GZE/BTC and GZE/ETH pairs, which many of our community have been seeking. Listing on QRYPTOS is a stepping stone to QUOINE Exchange, owned by the same company. The latter is a JFSA (Japanese Financial Services Authority) approved exchange offering fiat pairs and requiring a more onerous set of listing rules with JFSA approval, so stay tuned as we go through that process with our partners at QUOINE.

You can register below for an account to get verified and start trading as soon as GZE hits the exchange next week:

Introducing the GazeCoin mini-ICO

GazeCoin is introducing a new concept the ‘mini-ICO’ — allowing brands and talent to mint “talent” tokens on its platform via mini-ICO’s unique to each creator, spawning an infinite array of distinct creative economies. You will need GZE to buy into this new ICO model.

These tokens may be used as the currency of unique virtual or augmented worlds, themed according to the creator (think “SnoopCoin” ** for example). GazeCoin already has an MOU with one of the world’s pre-eminent music artists with a reach of close to 3M fans on Facebook minting the first talent token on the GZE platform (announcing soon). This structure fits in with the GazeCoin decentralised exchange/token market that allows users to exchange tokens with ease.

Respective ‘talent’ tokens can be used however the creator chooses: musicians could allow for fans to pay for show tickets, artists could allow for customers to purchase artistic works, game developers could allow for players to buy skins or abilities, etc.

These currencies can also be used in a larger sense by creators to retain greater ownership over their artistic works, mechanised to power royalties, synchronization licenses and other creative payouts historically difficult to capture accurately and fairly. Because GZE token will be required for users/fans to participate in their favorite creators’ ICOs, the demand for GZE token will cement over time,
driving value upward.

** used for illustrative purposes only, not affiliated with said individuals/brands

A note from CEO / founder

CEO/Founder Jonny Peters

Firstly I would like to thank our community for their ongoing commitment and support for the project. We have been working around the clock to get listed and successfully lay out the first steps towards the execution of our roadmap.

The ‘Foundation stage’ of GazeCoin — The Gaze API / wallet is now under development. This will be released inside the existing GazeCoin ecosystem (known as Dream Channel) in the coming months. The API, comprising mainly of the Gaze analytics system that rewards users in GazeCoin for engaging with content and advertising, will be then available for anyone to power their VR or AR world, app or content.

The accompanying wallet & web VR interface presents users, creators and brands with a ‘token’ marketplace where they can purchase and exchange virtual and real-world goods using tokens. My team is currently working on a ‘vision’ video that will be unveiled prior to the token listing on QRYPTOS. The video is expected to outline a novel community driven approach to the building out the GazeCoin ecosystem with the use of gamification.

Please join our telegram group (link below) to stay closedly in touch with our progress and feel free to forward this email (link at bottom of page) to any friends who you think may be interested in our news.

Jonny Peters
CEO / Founder

Unifying the metaverse with GazeCoin CTO Bokky Poobah’s TTS (Token Teleportation Service)

GazeCoin is developing it’s own decentralised exchange technology that allows anyone to onboard into the Ethereum token market without the need to first purchase Ethereum. Termed the BTTS, the technology allows anyone to send ERC-20 tokens without holding ETH, a breakthrough in token accessibility and portability. This allows users/fans to move from one creative economy to another, exchanging tokens and purchasing creative goods with ease. The tokens that fans/users earn in one world may be exchanged for ones they need in another, creating a seemless creative ecosystem and token exchangeability all powered by GazeCoin.

GazeCoin will be delivered to the community in the form of a Gaze API / wallet, attached to the GazeCoin webVR interface. This allows anyone to download the wallet and then use the API to power their VR or AR world, app or content. The web VR interface presents users, creators and brands with a marketplace where they can purchase and exchange virtual and real-world goods and services through tokens.

Gaze Coin

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Gaze Coin

Eye tracking payment system for Dream Channel , a decentralised social network that uses private keys and tokens to allow users to build virtual worlds.

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