The Power of Gaze Coin for Artists

Don Diablo’s HEXCOIN Unleashes Unprecedented Ownership For Creators

The Bottom Line First: A New Way for Artists to Make Money

A central feature of the Gaze Coin platform is that it enables anyone to mint their own unique branded token that can both finance artistic endeavors/content and also be traded for other cryptocurrency and regular fiat currency. Because Gaze Coin is focused on monetizing immersive media (VR and AR) specifically, the token can of course be used inside the creator’s VR or AR content, environment and/or world akin to a game currency. But, the token can power much more than that outside of the VR/AR setting and in the real world, due to the breakthrough Gaze Coin wallet (with the same features extended to HEXCOIN and every other Gaze Coin-powered branded token).

A History of Exploitation

There’s a reason for the phrase “starving artist”: for centuries (the 20th in particular), artists have been at odds with centralized powers and, more specifically, exploited by them. First, it was with the Church who seeked to censor them and the powerful wealthy families who were their only hope of patronage. For the last hundred years for musicians, it has been with record labels and music publishers, in a landscape where for every $1000 in music sold, the average contracted recording artist made around $23. Today, the evidence surrounding the tension between big-tech platforms and creators has been well-documented, with demonetization and creator burnout as major concerns.

At the same time, there is a promising theme of late. The smart artists are rising up and wising up to last-century models that don’t serve their interests, learning and using new technologies that have radically transformed every aspect of the music business. From recording, promoting and distributing their music to they way they nurture their fan community, tech has slowly but surely taken the place of once-dominant centralized powers.

But the brilliant artists — the really special ones- are using technology to upend the last stronghold of the major label model: funding. They’re ensuring the labels’ obsolescence by providing a legitimate substitute to the deal advance, by using technologies like crowdfunding and blockchain. This is where Gaze Coin offers real promise for artist empowerment and why we’re so excited to launch our first artist token, HEXCOIN by superstar DJ Don Diablo.

A Breakthrough for Artist Empowerment

The Gaze Coin platform tracks content (including audio files) as it is created, changed and consumed, and then manages correct, appropriate payments to respective rights holders (creators) in a fully transparent way. Further, a percentage of those payments go to the fans for consuming the content, powering a fan rewards engine.

The Gaze Coin wallet uses the security features of a user’s smartphone, allowing fans to participate with no existing cryptocurrency whatsoever. Fans simply log in and earn HEXCOIN (or any other Gaze Coin-powered branded token) by engaging with content or they can log in and purchase the token with fiat currency! The wallet does not require any of the typical (painful) steps to access, purchase or trade coins; no existing crypto, 24-word passphrase or confusing private key required. So, everyday music fans (who are most likely not cryptocurrency experts) can support their favorite artists and earn rewards associated with the artists easier than ever before.

It is completely up to the artist to control the rewards program. If desired, they can accept their own currency as payment for live shows, exclusive content, merchandise or whatever they want. Because artist tokens like HEXCOIN can easily be traded for Gaze Coin and Ethereum, the artist retains the ultimate discretion to shape their own creative economy as they see fit: a stark contrast to the major label or major tech platform model.

For artists with engaged communities and an established brand, Gaze Coin is a real breakthrough in empowerment. Artists should never starve again.

Gaze Coin is currently seeking a select number of high-quality creators to beta test its platform. Interested parties, please contact

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