Royce Gracie Fight Film — first Hollywood feature produced using Crypto Currency

Just announced at San Diego Comic-Con, The Producer of acclaimed fight film Warrior is bringing the story of Royce Gracie to the big screen using a groundbreaking film-financing cryptocurrency, DreamCoin, allowing fight fans to buy frames in the film and participate in the film’s production. The film blazes a trail as the first major feature produced utilizing cryptocurrency. DreamCoin issues a token for every film frame — allowing fans to own and trade a piece of film history.

More About The Film

The story will detail the life of Royce Gracie, from his early life in Brazil leading up to UFC 1 where Royce challenged the best fighters in multiple other fighting disciplines. He defeated boxer Art Jimmerson, shootfighter Ken Shamrock and savate practitioner Gerard Gordeau before being crowned the first UFC champion. As the surprise pick of the Gracie family and tournament underdog, the story highlights Royce’s personal perseverance against impossible odds while putting Brazilian jiu jitsu on the global map against seven other martial art styles.

The film is being produced by Greg O’Connor whose credits include other sports films Warrior (Lionsgate) starring Tom Hardy, Miracle (Disney) starring Kurt Russell, The Slaughter Rule starring Ryan Gosling, and the HBO documentary The Smashing Machine Producer, Eileen Craft, is an independent Emmy® award-winning news producer and also the last person to interview Gracie patriarch, Hélio Gracie, three weeks before he died. Her family has a long history in Hollywood with her great grandfather Gordon Hollingshead garnering 16 Academy Award nominations, winning 11 as a producer for Warner Brothers.

More About The Cryptocurrency Opportunity

DreamCoin is a “crypto-collectibles” blockchain game akin to CryptoKitties that solves a problem for film Producers by enabling them to engage audiences with a film before it is made building audience, and provides a new revenue stream by tokenizing film collectibles.

The DreamCoin ‘game’ mechanic allows fans and investors to buy unique frames in films via a simple, Ethereum-based smart contract between them and the seller (film producers), which entitle fans to respective rights. DreamCoin generates a unique ERC721-protocol token for every frame tethered to the blockchain ensuring uniqueness, trackability and transparency. In the DreamCoin game, fans first purchase DreamCoin (DZz) ERC20-protocol tokens, then select the film frames they want to buy. The DreamCoin ERC20 tokens convert to ERC721 tokens after fans purchases the specific frames. Each frame increases in value as a film gains momentum and may be traded multiple times among other DreamCoin players/investors. For the first time, Producers are now able to use the coin to give fans rights that include voting on outcomes, deciding on cast, access and ownership of special directors cuts, all set in the smart contract by Producers

The DreamCoin platform was officially announced at San Diego Comic Con 2018 by DreamCoin founder Jonny Peters during the blockchain panel “Going Crypto: How Digital Coin Technology Is Changing How We Live Our Lives”. Peters states, “Using DreamCoin, the GRACIE movie allows millions of UFC fans to buy a piece of film history and build a community for the film by this very process. Buying a blockchain tracked frame and simply storing it in their DreamCoin wallet, creates a transparent and direct relationship between themselves and the film Producer through a simple smart contract”.

Gaze Coin/DreamCoin CEO Jonny Peters explains the DreamCoin mechanic for financing films at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Photo: Gaze Coin

Executive Producer Peter Driscoll also commented “DreamCoin allows people to contribute to a film who could never do so before. It solves the film financing conundrum by not only substantially widening the catch net for Producers seeking funding, but it creates a secondary market for trading film frames bringing the crowd to films.”

The DreamCoin token sale will start in August with a private pre-sale including a 25% bonus, with the public sale slated for December 2018.

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