Ushering In A New Era For Adtech With Gaze Coin

Finally, Advertisers, Publishers And Users All Get What They Want

Today’s digital advertising supply chain is so overwhelmingly (and, in our opinion, unnecessarily) complex, waste and fraud abounds. In the end, neither the brand nor the consumer wins: consumers lose out by being served unwanted, interruptive ads and brands lose out as a result of consumers ignoring, skipping or blocking their messages, not to mention rampant adtech fraud whereby they pay for ads consumers never even see.

Immersive media has the technological ability to monitor and measure a user’s true attention (also known as user gaze), it holds the key mechanism for powering a whole new model for adtech. Gaze Coin not only harnesses that power, but supercharges it with a blockchain-based digital currency (GZE and other Gaze Coin-powered tokens) to reward outstanding content (including branded content).

What Is Gaze Coin For Brands?

Until now, VR as a platform has mostly restricted the eyeballs (scale) advertisers need to run effective campaigns, due to hardware constraints. However, the Gaze Coin API delivers immersive campaigns through a template-based world generator viewable through a simple 2D website (also known as “WebGL”) viewable by everyone without a VR headset. For those with headsets, the world is viewable using WebVR or native VR platforms. Gaze Coin allows brands to create immersive worlds and advertise in other content providers’ worlds in both WebVR and fully-immersive VR formats.

Specifically, the Gaze Coin platform allows brands to implement the immersive media marketing strategy of their choice, supporting a wide array of content formats, including:

  • Simple 2D/3D advertisements placed within an existing virtual or augmented reality content piece.
  • Branded objects within a virtual or augmented reality content piece.
  • An entire branded environment/experience
  • A branded token powered by the Gaze Coin (ERC20/Ethereum) protocol, for use within the branded environment or in the real world for real world branded offerings

First, brands purchase a campaign by buying GZE credits. Users then receive a fraction of the credits as rewards for engaging with content. Credits then run down from actual user engagement. The amount of GZE credits consumed in the advertiser campaign corresponds to the amount of time the user engages. Hence, brands only pay for authentic engagement.

A screenshot of a demo virtual world powered by Gaze Coin, showing the user their GZE earnings in real time.

Why Gaze Coin Is The Best Choice For Immersive Media Brand Campaigns


At Gaze Coin, we are all about solving monetization challenges of immersive media (virtual and augmented reality). We believe this is critical for VR and AR to reach their full potential. At its core, Gaze Coin is an adtech company that empowers creators and users, in the form of a digital currency. However, we also realize most brand marketers are likely not regular cryptocurrency users. So, we designed the Gaze Coin Advertising and Analytics platform to allow for campaign purchasing (that is, placing branded virtual and/or augmented reality content) via fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrency. What’s more, the Gaze Coin wallet does not require the typical, complicated steps to perform a cryptocurrency transaction. This greatly reduces the main barrier to entry for users and brands alike.

A demo exhibiting how easy it is to use the DreamCoin app, powered by Gaze Coin.


It’s important to note that Gaze Coin is a cryptocurrency and, as such, it records transactions on the blockchain. Specifically, through a proprietary algorithm containing a metrics suite focused on user gaze in VR and AR, Gaze Coin measures authentic user attention to specific pieces of gaze-triggered contents. Moreover, it was designed to combat fraud incorporating several checks to reward authentically human engagement (vs. botted engagement). Further, the Gaze Coin suite (wallet, API and ad/analytics platform) is both a demand-side platform wherein marketers can place creatives and a supply-side platform wherein publishers and creators build their virtual experiences, environments and worlds. What this means is a much shorter digital marketing stack, eliminating many of the current middlemen (safety vendors, DSPs, SSPs and exchanges), boosting advertising efficiencies.


With the Gaze Coin analytics backend, advertisers can learn exactly how many unique visitors visited and engaged with their content, down to virtual object granularity and down to the unique user. (It is important to note, however, that users will always remain anonymous as this is the nature of the blockchain.) Brands can also understand how their campaign funds break down per metric to assist with media planning.


Gaze Coin not only fuels a powerful rewards system aligning incentives across the publisher/creator, advertiser and user stakeholder groups. It also allows for the creation and use of custom branded tokens to power a wholly secondary token marketplace. This revolutionary feature allows brands to launch their own currency, powered by the Gaze Coin (ERC20/Ethereum) protocol, for use within the branded environment or in the real world for real world branded offerings. Thus, marketers can take ownership of the consumer purchase funnel like never before possible, allowing consumers to earn branded tokens by engaging with and evangelizing the brand’s content, then take that money into the real world to purchase the brand’s goods or services.

Gaze Coin is powering superstar DJ Don Diablo’s HEXCOIN, the first branded token launched from the Gaze Coin platform. HEXCOIN will be the currency of Don Diablo’s virtual world HEXAGONIA and tradable for other cryptocurrencies.

Gaze Coin is currently seeking a select number of high-quality brands to beta test its branded platform. Interested parties, please contact