Official Video: Monetizing attention with GazeCoin

How does Gaze Coin work? What problem are we solving? Take a look at our official quirky video that fills in the picture.

Watch how GazeCoin monetizes attention

GazeCoin, the blockchain crypto-currency token that provides a scalable monetization solution for VR & AR, has launched it’s proof of concept world complete with a functional ‘gaze analytics’ system that shows how audiences generate ‘GazeCoin’ transactions simply be engaging with content.

Called Dream Channel audiences venture into a series of connected worlds and by engaging with content trigger blockchain driven ‘gaze’ transactions. Here audiences are rewarded in GazeCoins for the specific time they are engaged. At the end of the experience audiences receive an email providing them with a break down of exactly how this was calculated.

Gaze is calculated through an algorithm that measures things like ‘hang time’, fixations, repeat fixations and even levels of excitement. Audiences can also earn bonuses from advertisers based on repeat visits and what they chose to do first. There’s actually quite a lot of psychology in how it functions” says GazeCoin CEO and Founder and designer of the Gaze analytics system Jonny Peters.


Buyers can now purchase tokens by going to our homepage and contributing to the Crowdsale address below:

Token sale list closes 21 December 2017 11AM EST.

The GazeCoin Team