We’re Delivering On Our First Milestone in Record Time!

The Gaze Coin Wallet & API

Ahead of an official announcement in just a few weeks, we are excited to announce we’re nearing completion of the first milestone of our development roadmap per the original Gaze Coin whitepaper: the Gaze Coin Wallet and API! This is the first of a series of articles we’ll be sharing about this, as there is a lot of detail and we don’t wish to overwhelm. For now, we’ll provide a brief overview of key features and focus on the fact that we have not only delivered, but exceeded on exactly what was promised.

Specifically, we’re delivering:

  1. The Gaze Coin Wallet (set to be catalyst for mass user adoption of crypto)

2. A virtual world template that eliminates the need for VR goggles, and allows anyone to monetise VR by tracking and rewarding audience engagement in coins.

3. The Gaze Coin Advertising and Analytics Platform, allowing advertisers to purchase and measure gaze-based branded campaigns — integrated into any world employing our API.

At Gaze Coin, we are all about solving monetization challenges of immersive media (virtual and augmented reality). This was, is and always will be the focus of the Gaze Coin Wallet and API. At the same time, we’ve pleasantly discovered that the use case for our platform goes far beyond immersive media and can, in fact, extend into traditional media as well. We view this as a delightful side benefit.

We are solving the monetization challenge of immersive media with the following key features:

  1. The ability to participate in the Gaze Coin ecosystem WITHOUT having to hold an existing cryptocurrency first. Simply put: the Gaze Coin Wallet require ZERO knowledge, use or experience of cryptocurrency to earn, hold Gaze Coin or any Gaze Coin-powered tokens. This allows a seamless value transfer from the virtual world to the real world and back again, a critical piece of any discussion of monetizing virtual worlds. We’ll be dedicating a whole, separate Medium post to discussing this in more detail soon.
Gaze Coin CEO/Founder Jonny Peters gives a brief teaser of the front-end UX of the Gaze Coin wallet/platform.

2. A token-earning (rewards) mechanism directly based on and driven by specifically how AR/VR is consumed: user gaze. Users literally earn Gaze Coin based upon the gaze input metric (what objects were gazed at, for how long, how many times and other gaze-related metrics).

The default view in a virtual world with Gaze Coin API includes a counter showing users how many coins they’re earning in real-time.

3. A WebGL interface that expands the potential of VR content to include everyone! Audiences can now experience VR worlds and content similar to playing a PC game. This allows brands to get much larger audiences than from VR headsets alone.

The expanded counter displays an itemized list of earnings per coin in all virtual environments connected to the Gaze Coin API.

4. The ability for users to launch their own branded token coins and branded ‘rewards-based’ worlds and to participate in a wholly secondary market for branded token coins.

Gaze Coin is powering HEXCOIN by superstar DJ Don Diablo, among other branded coins.

All of this has been developed in less than six months post-ICO and, with the vast majority of ICOs failing to deliver a product at all, we’re very proud of this progress. The Gaze Coin suite of products is expanding organically as innovation presents us with all the challenges in solving a real problem- the tremendous difficulty advertisers currently face measuring authentic attention in AR/VR and beyond.

Gaze Coin is now selecting partners to test our suite of products. These partners will be the first to market with the next generation of Web 3.0 content monetization.

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