A Quick Rant by Your Good Friend Gonzo

Quick public service announcement to all you fuckhead journalists out here on Medium and beyond: I don’t care that I’m new to this thing, I don’t care that I only got 2 followers so far, I don’t care if you think I’m too vulgar in my writing. At LEAST I’m able to back my claims up with some type of evidence or proof to support my stance on whatever. A lot of you losers have your “sophisticated, progressive, though-provoking” hot takes on here but then don’t have ANY kind of facts to back up your claim. Dozens of ya’ll just remain in your little “creative” liberal bubble, talking to all your other “intelligent” liberal buddies about how to bring “progress” to America, yet can’t even debate someone with different ideas besides you. I just read a usual Trump-bashing piece where this guy didn’t cite even once how Trump is a colossal disaster, and how he’ll never be able to lead, how he has no strategy for America, how his tactics suck, and how he’s just the worst thing that’s ever happened to humanity. No points he made explaining why!

I really just don’t understand how a lot of these bloggers/writers have a decent following on here, when the quality of their content is trash, and when they can’t even hold their own when you challenge them on their views. It’s absolutely hilarious. A large portion of the left-leaning articles on Medium and on other websites contain nothing more than personal views on politics. What even is journalism anymore? I’m not a conventional journalist because I use profanity and slang here and there in my pieces, but I will back up my claim with some kind of examples. I guess no one gives a damn anymore, because diversity is SUCH a good thing man it’s OUR FUCKING STRENGTH BRO unless we’re talking about diversity of thought, then it’s fuck you, you nazi scum. All of you are pathetic.