Richard Spencer Auburn Speech Reaction

There’s never a dull moment in today’s day and age, and that is especially true when it comes to politics. In the modern society that we live in, there is never a shortage of hot-takes, nor is there a shortage of people voicing unfiltered opinions and causing controversy. About a week ago, the highly controversial Alt-Right figurehead Richard Spencer delivered a speech at Auburn University. Spencer has been highly regarded by a lot of mainstream pundits and liberals as a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist and white nationalist, who shouldn’t be able to spread his “messages of hate” at public universities like Auburn (spoiler alert, one can conclude after actually watching his speech he’s only one of those three: a white nationalist). So I, having not really heard Spencer’s actual words, decided to watch the live stream of the speech to see what all the hype was about.

There is only one word that can describe Richard Spencer’s past speech at Auburn, and that is: WHEW. It took him a little bit to ease into his main focus, but when he did though, wow. This guy really had the crowd going. Spencer’s forty minute speech primarily concentrated on the topic of white identity, citing that as opposed to other cultures and races, the white race doesn’t really have an identity, while at the same time encouraging white people to embrace being white and to form an identity. He drew criticism and loud reactions when he said the words “it is easier to be black”. However, he didn’t mean it in general. When the crowd settled down and continued to let him speak, he further explained that in a way it is easier to be black because black people have an identity and a connection to their homeland, knowing that they are all one people, going on to saying that it is “a beautiful thing that he respects”, making the argument that white people are not like so.

Furthermore, Spencer encouraged the mostly white crowd to embrace their European heritage/whiteness so to speak, exclaiming that whites should be proud to be a German, Polish, whatever country they are from, and proud to be a white European. In addition to the focus of white identity, Spencer gave an insight into his political views, claiming corporate America trying to normalize and shove down our throats transsexual and gay propaganda, including ridiculous claims how there’s like 67 different genders or whatever imaginary alternative facts that the left chooses to believe in. And he’s right, corporate America certainly does push for a lot of upside down shit that I know a lot of Americans don’t agree with, followed by calling them bigots for not accepting gays who participate in weird and almost demonic looking activities at gay pride parades, women that have dicks, amongst many other things, but we’ll leave that subject for another article lol.

Anyways, for the first half of the speech, Richard made some very valid points that I mostly agreed with and so far, hadn’t said anything too controversial. Then, he made some remarks that set the whole room on fire. This is when Spencer started his rant against the sport of football. He first criticized Auburn alumni and boosters for bringing in “people who you’d never invite into your home” into the university and added that these football players that they bring in on scholarship are “not the greatest exemplars of the African race”. Yiiiiikes. Yeah, the few African Americans that were in attendance were not happy at all, and rightly so. He further stated that Auburn is not upholding the integrity of the institution by bringing in these people. Here is where like many others, I disagree with Richard. For one, yes, most football teams, especially in the SEC, are predominantly black. However, he’s acting like the entire team is black and that there’s not a single white person on the team which is simply not true. Secondly: yeah, a handful of football players do tend to get into trouble off the field, mostly involving domestic violence or sexual assault. For example, there was a huge cover up of sexual assault cases by the football coaches and the school board at Baylor University in 2016, where several football players had raped women on campus, and had not been disciplined or kicked off the team. There are some shitty people in the world, and some of those people are football players. However, it would be wrong to characterize every African American football player as a rapist or “not the greatest exemplars of the African race”. The majority of football players are fantastic, hard-working men who glorify God and are men of principle, and it’s not right to stereotype every football player as how Spencer did. He then went on to say that if he had a magic wand, he would ban football and completely do away with it. I mean, ok I get it, him being a Yankee born in Massachusetts, he doesn’t give a fuck for football that much. But banning football? That’s just un-American bro.

After the controversial remarks, and once the crowd had settled down, Spencer made some more ballsy remarks and called A LOT of white people out, and honestly, it was kinda enjoyable. His next set of comments were basically saying that a lot of white football fanatics were lacking identity, immersing themselves in the game of football in an attempt to substitute it for something real. And shit, I mean...he’s not wrong. I know there’s a lot of people thinking this, but Richard Spencer is the first guy who had the balls to say it. C'mon, have you ever seen a white fan who is just so solely invested into a football team that goes to all the games and wears another grown man’s jersey, decked out in all the team gear, and you’re just like, dude, do you even have a life? Guys like I described in said example are precisely the people that Spencer is talking about.

In his concluding statements of his speech, Spencer urged for white people to embrace their greatness, such as the Roman Empire and building western society, and all of the innovations that white people have contributed to technology, medicine, and the world’s history. He said that we live in a time where white people truly need to embrace the greatness that their race has achieved, instead of feeling guilty for slavery, Jim Crow, and other atrocities that the white race has committed. He pointed out that white people have been guiled at almost every opportunity in the 21st century while leftists and lovers of diversity have called it “progress”. So yeah, white people have done a lot of wrong in world history, but it’s not like all other races are squeaky clean either. Slavery and imperialism was part of other races and cultures as well, occurring in parts of Asia and the Middle East. Discounting the wrongs the white race has done, as all races have done some kind of wrong-the white race has plenty to be proud about, from discovering electricity, inventing the automobile, radio, television, airplane, air conditioning, etc. White people are pretty awesome. Essentially saying, don’t let the few bad things that whites have done overcloud the great achievements that whites have accomplished and contributed to the world.

In addition to his statements about black football players, the only other comments I disagreed with Spencer on were when he said during the Q&A portion, “I don’t want white people to say I’m proud to be American, I want white people to say I’m proud to be white” and when also during the Q&A section he said that the Make America Great Again movement was exclusively for whites. Now, I’ll agree that the MAGA slogan did resonate with whites more than it did with other racial groups. However, what Trump truly meant by MAGA was to get the economy moving again, bring jobs back to the U.S., and to make America a respected world super power once again, in contrast to the disrespect America received by other countries during the Obama era, which included Barry going on what many refer to his “apology tour” travelling to many countries throughout the globe to apologize for America.

So, after analyzing his speech closely and carefully, I’ve reached the dramatic conclusion: this guy is definitely not “literally Hitler”. This guy isn’t even fucking close to being a Nazi. Sadly, not many people have the patience or temperament to actually do research on a person before deciding whether or not someone is a Nazi. And that is exactly my problem with fellow college students, democrat or republican, liberal or cuckservative. They go with the fucking crowd and can’t think for themselves. I know there’s gonna be a whole ton of people who will take Spencer’s one comment on black football players and entirely focus on that specific comment he made, completely neglecting everything else that he said, not taking the time to listen to and evaluate his speech fully. I’m not even defending the guy either, I listed what I disagreed with and what I thought was messed up. But the art of debate has been officially lost by liberals, and they no longer have an argument. Now their political game is identity politics and name calling, for they have already lost the argument. Losing playbook, sad!

More to come soon gents.

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