Advertising as a Product

Over the years, I have come to shun advertising. This is surprising considering that I spent the first two years of my life after University chasing a career in Advertising.

But, then I worked at a Startup and everything changed.

I saw the world in a different light, I saw Marketing as this exciting baby that you spanked, nurtured, kissed and meld into making sure your product kicks ass.

And though the rest of the world (at least, I think the rest of the world) has moved into a ‘Product’ stage, Nigeria is still at the advertising agency phase, which it has been since I was born. I’ve come to not only get annoyed at the whole ‘agency for agency’ sake concept, I’ve come to loathe it. Advertising agencies in Nigeria need to come to a place where they know that if they don’t carve real products, they’d be sidelined in the coming years. Everything is going beyond the typical Agency vs Client rite of passage. I think this is quite obvious.

One of the reasons agencies like Kwirkly and Anakle are not seen as typical agencies isn’t just because they are owned by young people, it’s because they understand the art of creating a good marketing/advertising product. This concept seems to be slow in getting into the blood stream of other Nigerian agencies.

The coming years will be filled with fantastic Marketing products, AdTech products, Conceptual creative bound products, Media products, Data analysis products and other amazingly niched products that I’m looking forward to.

Now. I’m not saying the Ad agency as we know it in Nigeria will become extinct in the next 4 years (before the people on the agency side of life come for my neck). I’m just pointing out this thing we seem to be pushing aside — This is the age of Advertising as a Product, and Nigeria needs to gain momentum.

Picture credit: Contently

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