Two Instagram features that double your exposure

Instagram as an app has added so many new features in it’s ungodly chase of snapchat.

However with these new features, most brands are left bewildered and haven’t figured how to cope with these frequent changes.Below are two features you should have a look at.

  1. Stories feature

Yes insta stories.

It’s not just another feature that instagram slapped on. It’s a feature that instagram wants to succeed and has succeeded in some regard.( Instagram six months after the release of the stories feature has been able to double its number of paying advertisers)

Instagram promotes your stories without asking you.

How you might ask?

Have you noticed how you are reminded of the recent stories on your instagram feed ?

Also notice how the stories bar shows on top of your feed when refresh your feed.

For me, That’s definitely more exposure for the content you have on stories.

Although this feature has a 24 hour handcuff,it’s a golden handcuff.

2) Post notifications.

This is probably a less known feature.

I can’t say exactly when instagram introduced this feature but it’s amazing.

Basically Instagram allows your followers to be notified when you post.

Plot twist . Your followers need to turn on the feature on your page for it to work.

How can you do that ?

Simply run a time based contest or give away that encourages users to turn on this feature.

A give away to the first 10 people to comment or engage with a post while promoting the post notification feature in the post.

An example is the 60 seconds club by Gary Vaynerchuk on His instagram page.

He ran a 60 second second contest encouraging users to turn on their post notification.

Below is a screenshot explaining

The result is that even after the contest your followers get notified when you post.

I hope you find a way to utilize these features for more exposure.

Thanks for reading through.