Taking Control of Your EQ Can Help Your Project Management Career

How can you perform to your fullest potential day in and day out? Is it by understanding the job at hand? By doing tons of research before you start your day on the task in front of you? Perhaps, both of these will help you reach your highest productivity. But what if there was another factor that can help you outperform your peers, even when you think that they may be smarter than you.

This is where emotional intelligence comes into play. Emotional intelligence is defined as the capability to recognize your own emotions and the emotions of others. It helps you identify feelings and helps you understand them appropriately, and it is a behavior that helps us manage our emotions to achieve our goals.

How does this help you in the field? How can this help your project management career? It can help for a number of reasons.

Emotional intelligence helps people with average IQ’s outperform those with high IQ’s 70% of the time. That is a great statistic as to how this can help you further your project management career.

Emotional intelligence is broken into two different categories that are all able to help you perform better.

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