Pedal to the metal.

It’s the second home session at the boot camp and I have received today’s tasks from the “Big Brother”. I’m determined to complete more challenges than I did yesterday, as I did not make proper use of the time. I realise by working on the tasks, I’m identifying some of my strengths and weaknesses. I want to complete these challenges and learn more — but I have to do so before the deadline which is a bit of pressure. So, I’ll say time management is an area I have to work on.

Sometimes, I’m not confident about the solution I gave to some tasks, so I let more experienced developers put me through — Mayowa, my group mate has been very helpful in this aspect, with our frequent communication on slack.

Today’s challenge was to create a simple command line application, that consumes a Public API using a HTTP client library and also to complete word count and reverse string challenges on I started with the easier of the two, which is the latter. I completed the challenges quicker than I did yesterday, although the hidden tests did hinder me a bit. I was already feeling accomplished, only to realise I didn’t submit yesterday’s challenge on I’m determined not to let my previous mistakes affect me — I submitted without hesitation.

My experience so far has been intriguing as I’m pushing myself more and constantly improving in my weak areas.