Before I set out to learning Kubernetes some years ago, we had just deployed a government enterprise, monolithic application to Amazon Elastic Container Service.

We needed a more flexible, non-provider specific container orchestration tool. Kubernetes looked like the perfect choice.

Some months into learning Kubernetes, we were ready to move our workload from AWS ECS to Kubernetes.

One of my biggest challenges was setting up a reliable CI/CD pipeline. I decided to write a simplified method we used to achieve that in a Blog Post.

If you are new to Kubernetes and have been wondering how to set up a scalable pipeline to enable seamless integration and deployment of your apps to the Cluster, you will find this useful.

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Have you ever thought of deploying cloud resources with a programming language?

You know, instead of using Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, you use an actual programming language like Typescript, Python or Java to describe resources that will be provisioned in the cloud?


I show you how to do this with Typescript.

In My New blog Post, I walk you through how to deploy an AWS VPC, Security Group, EC2 instance and an S3 bucket with AWS Cloud Development kit. Tip: You can build a SaaS Platform with this.

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This article was originally published HERE.

In this article, we will setup a Kubernetes Cluster on Amazon‘s Managed Kubernetes Service — Amazon EKS. We will also package a Laravel Web Application as a docker image and deploy it to Amazon EKS.


1. Docker2. Docker Hub Account3. An AWS Account4. Laravel

Setup Laravel

Let’s setup a fresh Laravel Application. We will build a docker image for it and then deploy the image to Dockerhub.

You can choose to skip this step if you already have your Laravel App and its docker image on Dockerhub.

Install Laravel

We create a fresh Laravel application using…


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