As If Slavery Weren’t Enough, 6 Other Reasons to Avoid Shrimp
Mother Jones

As with all of our woes that come from factory farming, this is usually linked to American society’s unholy quest to consume everything. Every day we want it all, more and more people continue to strive forward and in turn want it all as well.

From Applebee’s to Target our Commerce has by design been forced to give it all. Is this the era of unrelenting fast consumption? Why are we so unaware of our impeccable lack of modesty? These are the questions I’d like to ask any one of those 2016 presidential candidates.

This isn’t the greatest country on earth. No we never were and in our fast living we lost sight of the fact that we are human beings. This year we need to consciously decide to start treating the world and our compatriots on it with respect.

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