Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

Wow… I love most of your work and post it a lot. But this is really drivel. Probably the most fundamental thing I can say about it is that money is a reflection of energy, a reflection of how life uses energy within the bounds of the physical laws of the universe. If you look at nature, you see a balance, and it’s one where balance is achieved mostly by strife, not cooperation. Cooperation does factor on many levels, but always in the interest of strife, of survival at the expense of others. Thus, in reality, the feminine principle is the secondary principle, which strengthens the cooperative in the interests of making it a better hunter or fighting machine. What we need to imagine is a balance between the two principles, as with Democratic Socialism. You need to envision a society where the two principles are tempered by each other to the advantage of both.

Actually the species way of doing things works better than any other species’ way of doing things. That should be obvious. And projecting into the future you do not see disaster any more than you did since Malthus’ time. Negation of the way we do things is not appropriate. How we do things is actually working just fine 90% of the time, but as with many of your other posts… it needs adjustment. You’re right that the feminine principle needs enhancement in the economic sphere. But also remember that such enhancement will release the masculine principle -pure capitalism- when such capitalism will not be harmful due to the support system in the rest of society.

So I’ll say to you what I say to a lot of people: whether you’re right or wrong, things are the way they are because they work. Patriarchy worked. If you want to balance that out, don’t try to subvert. Try to enhance and try to add on.

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