Not Getting Enough from Microsoft Office365? Spice it up with these add-ins.

Cloud-based tools make your life easier at the office. If you have made the move and are already using Office 365 Suite, you don’t want to miss on these add-ins! Our selection is focused on helping you with:

-Effective time management

-Handling multilingual content

-Thriving on collaborative creativity

-Getting tasks done

-Organizing data

Become a time management expert with FindTime

Scheduling meetings is an inefficient task. Whilst everyone is dealing with their own busy schedules, the last thing I want to be doing is going back and forth to decide on a time on behalf of everyone else. After all, there is always going to be one person who can’t make the meeting so it’s a wasted effort.

I was introduced to FindTime last year and they vowed that this add-in is the ‘easiest and fastest way to schedule across companies’ so I thought why not give it a go. Well it’s safe to say we’ve never looked back!

Without even leaving Outlook you can choose which people you want to attend the meeting, look at their given availabilities and then choose a couple of options, all by clicking on the FindTime icon in your Outlook window. Your attendees then receive an email where they can vote on which is the best time for them and a result is drawn up. Good old fashioned democracy! Best of all, the meeting poll can be sent to clients that don’t actually have FindTime installed, they can still vote using other email platforms, saving you multiple phone calls and emails.

Enhance communications and team integration with GearOffice

Yes! We have launched our app as well! If you use MS Office365 you definitely thrive on collaborative work. When it comes to creating documents, sending different versions over email is now a thing of the past. Collaborative edition is easier using cloud-based tools, but what about multilingual versions of documents? Who has that covered? Going global is now possible, but managing multilingual contents is still a challenge.

GearOffice is our translation tool to resolve that. It is integrated into your cloud-based documents. Just download it, click on the GearTranslations icon in the ribbon of the editing tool you are using and select the content you wish to translate right away!

GearOffice allows you to translate right from the document you are editing or creating in MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel, no need to request quotes over email or access another platform! Plus, you get to share the content under your account with everyone you give access to it at the office. It also identifies previously translated content, so everyone at the office can re-use it at no cost.

Sharing all translation resources across different departments and teams worldwide saves costs by avoiding double translations and, in addition, your branded content will have a consistent style across different languages. Needless to say it helps with the efficiency, since by having a unique corporate account, every employee can easily search for multilingual versions of documents and technical terminology data bases that can help in their daily communications. Get your global communications organized in the cloud today!

Harness creativity and stimulate visibility with Lucidchart

Do you ever struggle with trying to express ideas into visible creations? Gone are the days where you have to spend a lifetime creating shapes in other applications to then copy and paste them into your document. Lucidchart won second place for the ‘Most Business Value for an Office Add-in’. Business can communicate their more complex processes through creating visual aids such as diagrams, flowcharts and mind maps that are clear and easy to follow.

Its users say that this cloud-based application has allowed them to enhance the presentation of reports, proposals etc and makes it easier for others to understand the work and the steps required to replicate it.

Get tasks organised and completed quicker with ActionSpace

Let’s be honest we all love to do lists, but if yours contains an endless amount of tasks then it’s easy to feel swamped under when you’re against the clock. Lack of task structure and organisation can damage focus and ultimately limit productivity. ActionSpace is an integration tool that helps you plan effectively.

It is the ‘flexible business management solution that fits your needs like a glove’. Managers can create projects, assign them to individuals or teams, attach files, leave comments and receive progress updates by email.

This perfectly facilitates team productivity as each individual can visually see their workload and deadlines from and exactly what is expected of them. The easy progress tracking keeps employees motivated and focused.

So no more rushing to get a task completed that you totally forgot about under the big pile of growing deadlines! When you can see exactly what needs doing and by when, you’ll be motivated to tick pending tasks off your to do list.

Better manage your documents with Office Tabs

To close the list, and because I know you are already at the Office Store now, let us go for this one that is pretty simple and self explanatory. Instead of opening multiple word documents in separate windows, with this add-in you can open them into new tabs of the same window.

That way, if you are referring to numerous documents at the same time you don’t have to keep swapping windows! It doesn’t sound life changing but trust me, this shortcut saves a lot of faffing around, especially when you have lost count of how many documents you are checking at the same time and you keep forgetting which window is which!

Office Tabs also allows you to save all your open documents with one click and customise the tabs so that they are easily recognisable.

So go ahead and thrive on the cloud-based collaboration opportunities of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite!

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We offer 24/7 access to our online platform, speedy delivery of up to 5 hours, a cloud-based back-up copy for all previous translations. Our personalised translation library means you can save costs in the long run and our unique algorithm lets you capitalise on each translation, transforming your multilingual content into valuable assets for your company.

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