The advantages of multilingual email marketing to boost online sales in foreign markets

New technologies have radically transformed our way of working, starting a business, ensuring effective communication with both existing and potential clients and of course; the way of selling.

Today we’ll explain why email marketing is one of the most interesting sales options and how your company can generate more lead generation and conversions. We’ll also point out the most significant differences regarding direct selling and how to use one technique or another depending on your target market audience. We’ll show you how to develop a good email marketing campaign, the most popular tools for dissemination and the metrics that you must follow to measure your results.

First of all, which market destination do you want to target?

Build your strategy based on your target market audience.

One of the first questions that you must answer before starting your marketing strategy is which target market audience you want to attract. Email marketing is a selling tool as long as your target market audience checks their email every day. If your businesses idea is to make the leap into internationalisation, email marketing allows you to approach international consumers of a foreign market without having to move to the geographic space of that new market, saving significant costs of travel and time.

Of course, for your strategy to obtain results, you must invest in professional translations of your messages. Email translations are crucial for ensuring effective communication with international consumers. Professional translations ensure that the way in which your company speaks, is the style of language used in that foreign market. Not only do you need to invest in email translations, but you have to create multilingual marketing contents for your foreign market in order to drive traffic from emails to your website and increase sales abroad.

Emails — the king of lead generation and conversions

Did you know that email is one of the most interesting communication channels, one that produces a high rate of conversions. It’s also one of the channels that is most widely accepted by public opinion.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is its ability to open new sales abroad in foreign markets, as long companies have invested in professional translation to create accurate and valuable multilingual content. This is essential to offer confidence and closeness to your international consumers and potential clients. Another advantage is the loyalty of overseas clients, offering the possibility to communicate more directly and personally with your target market audience in foreign markets, without the language barrier posing as a problem.

Email marketing gives you the certainty that your publications will reach your target market audience, on the other hand, other digital media such as global social media pages are more volatile and it’s not guaranteed that online users will see your posts on their timeline.

How can you make a great multilingual email marketing campaign?

To get an idea of the benefits that email marketing offers you, you must start to familiarise yourself with some of the most popular tools for dissemination, such as Mailchimp or Benchmark, which let you design attractive, appealing mailings or bulletins. It’s just like generating your own global campaigns for promotions, offers or product launches, but to make a successful global campaign, it’s not enough to write an attractive message and adapt it to an eye-catching design. You must take into account other aspects.

Good news! We’ve created a FREE eGuide to help you kickstart a killer multilingual email marketing campaign. We’ll briefly explain some points to consider when creating a global campaign for different foreign markets, but these are explained in much more detail in our eGuide, as well as other key aspects that need to be considered.

Take care when creating email subjects

It’s more important than you think! Your subject will determine whether your target market audience open the mail or move it to the trash.

Personalise messages

A good email should address its recipient by name and use informal, friendly language. If you are targeting international consumers in more than one foreign market, you need to adapt the style of language into a way that they can relate to so that your brand message is consistent at a global level.


A good multilingual email marketing campaign should be segmented, depending on the objectives of your global campaign (loyalty, send a catalog or offer a new product) you must know exactly which email to send to which international consumers, what time, what language and when was the last time you contacted them.


Of course, it goes without saying that, if you launch into new foreign markets, you have to invest in professional translation. You’ll need to translate your emails and create multilingual content for every market destination you operate in if you really want to see sales abroad flourish.


A multilingual email marketing campaign is never complete without a good measurement of results. Measuring the performance of your global campaign is essential to advancing your multilingual marketing strategy.

So, we’ve given you snippets of the keys to creating a successful multilingual email marketing campaign in multiple foreign markets. If you’re serious about creating a global campaign and boosting sales abroad, then download our FREE eGuide which gives you all the tips and tricks needed to kickstart your international expansion through multilingual email marketing.

You’ll learn how to separate each foreign market by language and target market audience, how to style your emails (in much more detail than this blog), how to generate valuable multilingual content for each type of international consumer and finally, how to optimise email performance through change and measurement!

Are you up for the internationalisation challenge?!

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