What To Do When a Leading Physician Slanders Great Scientists?
Joel Kahn

Tut tut. Nina is a journalist and should be ignored. Indeed.
Well now, Joel, I met Nina Teicholz and conversed with her for two hours straight. I can tell you that she impressed me more than ANY doctor I’ve ever conversed with and I’ve worked with some seriously brilliant ones. Her grasp of everything to do with this field is immense.
You consort with some very very poor “scientists” and the scales need to fall from your own eyes in this regard. What Salim Yusuf is expressing is no more than what other huge studies have shown. And he does not vilify carbohydrates. He indicates that above a certain amount they are problematical in the diet. This does NOT negate much of what you yourself espouse and more power to you. Processed food is our common enemy and we should attack it.
There is something else you should ask yourself.
If wholegrains are so healthy (I’m not saying they’re not. I don’t know), why does this effect not show in proper trials vis a vis no grains?
Another thing about wholegrains. These are supposed to be part of the Mediterranean diet. I’ve had an apartment in Andalucia for ten years or more and spend a lot of time there. I’ve NEVER seen anyone eat wholegrains there. They eat meat, fish, oo, butter, bread, cheese (lots), chorizo, salami, offal etc. Vegetarians they ain’t nor even close. It could be that the major healthy ingredient in their lives is the sun. But then, how healthy are population of Florida and they get stronger sun?

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