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I honestly can’t tell if you’re giving the game away at the end with the “well-camouflaged corruption” bit. Because that’s totally something a Trump supporter would say, but the way you tossed it in there looks like satire.

But the raw numbers of votes cast in the primary doesn’t actually matter her. The primary was a historical aberration. This is the first primary that didn’t end shorty after Super Tuesday. Hell, I voted for Dennis Kucinich in 2008 because by that time Obama had wrapped the nomination up and I have an irrational love for that little progressive, alien-loving elf.

This year even California mattered. California never matters. California votes in, what, June-ish and the primary is usually decided in March. So there was a lot more excitement.

Meanwhile, if you look at general elections in 2000 Bush and Gore both got about 51 million votes. Obama beat McCain 69 million to 60 million and Romney 65–60. The sum total of all votes cast in both party’s primaries were around 60 million. So more people are voting as time goes on. More people had a reason to vote in this year’s primary. The historically unprecedented number of primary voters amounted to about the same number of votes cast for the last two general election losers.

tl;dr: talking about primary voter numbers is just noise.