Brian Geddes, I want to thank you for the incredibly nice mention — I genuinely appreciate that I…

Not to add to your pathology, ThunderPuff, but you do good work. You tell easily relatable stories in a way that focuses on the important points and maximizes the humor. And your drawings make it readily obvious that, yes, this is a new ThunderPuff story. Honestly, I will be surprised if you can’t figure out how to monetize your work or find someone who can. Keep doing you and you’ll go places. Assuming that’s your goal, of course. I’m not in the “telling ThunderPuff how to be” business.

Either way, I look forward to both your regularly scheduled article for tomorrow and your thoughts on how Medium should think about writers. I think if Medium wants to stay relevant they need to start listening to people like us and the folks who want to see more of our stuff. I get why Medium would want the notoriety of partnering with people who already have high public profiles, but most of those people can easily take their voices elsewhere if they decide Medium isn’t a valuable use of their time. There’s nothing wrong with setting yourself up as the place people go to meet and greet the people who will be tomorrow’s big voice.

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