I wasn’t trying to sharpshoot… just joining in the fun.
Vinson Ryan Nash

Oh, believe you me, I know you’re just trying to add to the fun. I tend to get a bit over-explainy sometimes, though.

In my previous digs I had a commenter and regular reader who is an expert on a field in which I am an enthusiastic amateur. Every time I wrote about that subject I was basically writing to an audience of one because I knew that if I got something partially right he’d pop in to fill in the gaps. I knew that if I got something wrong he’d show up and tell me how I got it wrong and what reality looked like.

I appreciate that. Knowing that there’s someone out there who a.) knows what’s up and b.) will be keeping me honest is great. I think a lot of that comes from actually having history as an area of expertise. The endless historiography and arguments are fun and intellectually stimulating. I had professor back in college who would tell stories about historian fights at conferences and it always sounded like it would be amazing to sit on the sidelines and watch.

So, please, pop in and speak up. I’m still getting the lay of the land over here and trying to find out if my particular style can find a place on Medium. I will be honest here and say that you’re one of my data points that’s convinced me to stick around.

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