Without the electoral college Texas, California, and New York can decide the election.
John Beech

So the fact that 13,000 people in Wisconsin and about 40,000 people in Michigan and Pennsylvania combined swung this election where the last I checked Hillary was up by about 700,000 votes is proof that the Electoral College is doing it’s job, eh?

And, again, since you apparently missed it the first time, the purpose of the Electoral College was to stop political factions from overtaking the country. If you can honestly say that this country is not deeply divided along factional lines then I want to know what universe you are currently living in.

The Electoral College is an archaic institiution designed to keep the power from the people. If you really want to argue that we need to keep it around then you need to go whole hog. Because the framers of the Constitution were okay with slavery and did not think women should vote. C’mon, then. Tell me that they were right about that, too.

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