Okay, now imagine FPTP in an election where there are not 12 candidates, but 12 parties.
Sarah Balfour

Thank you for bringing up a non-US perspective. And I like seeing post-Brexit UK updates because that’s a big freaking deal.

Also, for a long time I advocated for a Parliamentary system in America to replace Congress as it now stands because, wow, it just isn’t working too well. I’ve actually been re-thinking that lately. You end up with UKIP getting an actual say or the ur-example of the Nazis taking over to Germany by getting about 10% of the vote and then taking a wrench to the gears of state. I’ve been writing some pieces on fascism in America and what struck me is that America had a proto-fascist movement starting shortly after the Civil War that was mainstreamed a hundred years later and now this is the closest it will get to taking everything over and it’s going to fail. Our system is slow. That’s not great when you’re trying to legalize gay marriage but awesome when you’re trying to keep the wolves from the door.

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