I was “the other woman”

you smiled at my dorky joke and laughed “you’re marriage material” those three words cut through my body like tiny little daggers scaring my sixteen year old veins.

I’m not the type of girl you’d marry.

with the seats layed back you grabbed my hand in the back of your car as we watched the stars; our hearts were only 92.8ks but we managed to spend every weekend on my couch.

if I had’ve know your words were as empty as your promises

you carried me on your back through the autumn the autumn leaves and exclaimed my fear of bees is extrordinary. My hands intwind in yours when we kissed how I miss the autumn leaves.

I’m not the kind of girl you’d marry.

I let you into my heart when I removed my towel alowing you to be the second boy to admire my body. “you’re beautiful” said your eyes and hands as they rolled down my body. You stuffed my art into a desk draw and claimed I had your heart.

Does she know you played me the first time you laid with her?

The burst of excitement that covered your face when I had visited you the last weekend we spent together covered the truth of where your heart really was.

you texted your friends the first time you hung out with my family, Your wasy of making a mends was by kissing me on the forehead and calling me “crazy’

instead of asking who is she I should of asked what you thought of me, Maybe the answer would of been the same “Oh theres nothing going on between us”

you’re kisses tasted like lies they were passionate and addictive with the feeling of your hand carressing my face but the warmth of my tears would soon erase the poisionous passion you left on my skin.

I guess I am worse then you atleast that’s what shed say, My legs were wrapped around yours as you held my naked body in the river that day. You kissed me like she didn’t exist atleast thats what I was lead to believe the last day I saw you should’ve been the day I jumped on that bus.

I’m sorry for being the obstacle in your love story, For kissing your mum on the cheek when we met, for trusting you, for making you laugh and for loving you.

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