Kamilaroi in Chile

In my ancestors tongue “gunthi” means house but it also has a personal meaning.‘ home’. And for now I am far away from my home, experiencing many things that make me very grateful for the “gunthi” I grew up in, But many more things opening up my heart to a bigger much more beautiful world then the little shell I grew up in.
Although I have been here for 2 months I have only been to one exhibition and explored small proportions of Santiago, I have been very comfortable getting fat on empanadas and tipsy on vino, but very scared to have witnessed a man using newspaper as socks, homeless beggars on every corner I pass and even being followed by a stray dogs occasionally. As a small town Aussie girl, alot of things quite easily shock me and a lot of things quite easy make me excited including one of the biggest shopping malls I have ever stepped into; The Costanera Centre.

The Costanera Centre (Photo Taken By Me)

The Costanera Centre was put on my list to explore because it is the 89th tallest skyscraper in the world and the tallest building in Santiago but now It’s on my list because it’s been my favorite place to go hide in.

The main attraction for me in this country is the art whether it’s been sold to me on the street, painted on the walls of buildings or been viewed behind tape on a gallery floor. My experience with the Yayoi Yokomo’s exhibition was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I am insanely attracted the most craziest of artist, My favorite being Frida Kahlo, but this artist had to have been slightly more insane, I will not say that I didn’t enjoy her but I will say that there were lots of things about her work that made me understand why she had lines around the block, and that getting up at 6;30 was definitely worth it.

(left)The line into the exhibition (right) one of the display rooms in the exhibition, (taken by me on an Iphone; Sorry)

Through my love of art and my obsession with Instagram, through browsing the #Providencia_StreetArt I found Vagabundo; the most amazing mural I have ever seen, Luckily for me one of the artist, Johnny spoke very good English and told me they had been working on it for a year and 5 months, he also told me that they love it when people join in with their permission and directions of course. They are also loving the respect that other street artist have given their work and space.

The Mural, and a Chilean couple admiring it. For more vagabundo click here: http://www.vaga-bundo.com/ and follow here: https://instagram.com/vagabundoboutique/ https://www.facebook.com/VagabundoBoutique/info?tab=page_info

Today, I explored the streets of Providencia, Through exploring I found what I thought was a well taken care of church but in actual fact it has been rebuilt many times due to the earth quakes here in Chile, Along with me finding this beautiful church my bookworm nose found this very beautiful Library. This wasn’t the first time I came across the church and library , but looking at it at day time made it seem less grand. Ah my love for art and books has kept me well entertained in Chile.

Along with art keeping me entertained I’m lucky enough to be in Chile during the Copa America, I have never seen a football atmosphere this insane.

Vamos Chile!

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