Dr Louis Arnoux
Nov 7, 2017 · 1 min read

Hello Bruce,

There is no such thing as an energy free lunch concerning so-called artificial intelligence (AI). AI is human-created, has little to do with actual intelligence (the sole actual intelligence known on this planet) and requires a great deal of energy, to extents that are presently not sustainable. In terms of energy efficiency, to date, the human brain beats AI by quite a few orders of magnitude. Any significant improvements in this direction requires a change of paradigm. Further, the human brain is a great example of memory without storage. Here too AI requires some paradigm change. Then the brain is not the human psyché although the two are in a non-dualistic relationship that also involves human societies and the whole of life on this planet. In this matter developers of AI are not even in sight of “base camp”. So I think that there is much more to evolution that what you seem to imagine and in an altogether other direction.

In my view, by following its “dear leaders” in servile fashion, humankind has placed itself under huge selection pressure, not in a genetic sense but instead first and foremost in social, psychological, cultural and thermodynamic senses. It remains to be seen which parts of humankind if any may manage to extricate itself/themselves from OFDK and “fly” into one or more viable space(s) (as per my last post). Some AI may assist, however, largely outside of the confines of the sweet (or not so sweet) dreams of so many people presently working on AI or fantasising about it.



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