Good analysis of the ‘money think’ trap.
Gary Kent

Hello Gary,

Sorry for the late response. I have been flat out. I agree with you that “a much more profound change is needed in the systemic relationship between humanity and the Earth and between human beings”. In my view the whole matter can be summarised in four points:

1 — Humankind is in deep trouble, much more than most realise — the matter is pressing since we are in the process of losing access to all our energy sources with an end point time horizon by about 2030.

2 — There are causes for this. From a thermodynamic perspective, it is nto possible for any civilisation to last very long on only 12% energy efficiency and on an hyper-predatory basis for its development. Ultimately the hyper-predatory character of our globalised industrial world is rooted in what I have called the Tooth Fairy syndrome, the weird commingling of magical thinking, beliefs in myths and bits and pieces of fragmented rationality carried forward from pre-indusrial societies. All of this has reach the “end of the road”.

3 — It is perfectly feasible to live sustainably in non predatory ways. Interestingly this entails substantially more installed power than now (fixing damage already done to Earth-Life requires a large amount of power), and the energy required is available — the sun.

4 — There is (at least) one way to get get out of trouble and live sustainably, possibly more than one, for at least part of humankind. However, here is the “rub”. It requires a radical change of modes of thinking, decision-making and acting. The matter is “how to” effect such changes, the “cultural value shift” that you advocate. There is no longer enough time left for any slow process of “education”, “consciousness raising”, activism of any kind, or governmental actions. In past instances major changes have never taken place in such fashion anyway. From the early “stone bashers” inventing stone tools that changed access to food-energy and by the same move changed modes of social organisation and modes of thinking onwards, radical changes have mostly happened through the entrepreneurial initiatives of a few humans. Ditto now. By following in servile fashion its decision-making elites, humankind has placed itself under huge selection pressure — not in a genetic sense but instead in terms of its psyche, modes of thinking, deciding and modes of social organisation. In my view, social groups that will manage to emerge from what I have called the Oil Fizzle Dragon King “avalanche” (self organising criticality) are those who will manage to innovate simultaneously on the thermodynamic, social and psyche front. Those who do not go that kind of way stand to have a very hard time and fizzle out rather rapidly — it’s gruesome and sad; the more they stay in denial or sleepwalking the harder the fall — we work hard to try and contribute to minimise this — the short time horizon and the ongoing prevalence of the Tooth Fairy syndrome makes it much harder. Again, this kind of transformation has always been entrepreneurial, pioneered by tiny minorities initially and then going viral. This is our GB focus. More on this in our next post.



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