Edited (again).
Robert Bernal

Hello Robert,

Sorry for late reply; I have been flat out. I understand your interest for a solution to the dire global energy predicament we are in. However, nuclear in whatever shape or form, not even Thorium, is not part of it. As you note the core matter is the EROEI or EROI for the whole of the industrial world. This must be considered in a dynamic sense, that is, including the additional energy required for whole system replacement while keeping the existing system going and progressively phasing it out and getting energy from the new system; plus doing all of this within 15 years at most, while net energy from oil fizzles out. There is no way this can be done going nuclear. There is no thermodynamically viable operational space for it. There is hope. A susbtitute system is feasible, still, but it does not include nukes.