Which Shopify Plan Should I Pick?

We decided to open an online store with Shopify platform. So which Shopify package should we choose?

3 packages stand out in Shopify:

Basic Shopify (Simple)
Shopify (Standard)
Advanced Shopify (Advanced)

Apart from these, there are Shopify Lite (light package) with real limited functionality and Shopify Plus options that serve large e-commerce sites.

Common Features of Shopify Packages
Frequently asked questions about the common features of all Shopify packages are as follows:

Are there any setup fees? No, there is no setup fee in any package. You only pay the monthly fee and the sales commission according to the package you choose.

Do I need credit card information to register? No, you can open an account on Shopify and use it for 14 days without giving your credit card information. If you want to continue at the end of the 14-day free trial period, you can choose a plan and enter your payment information.

Can I cancel my account at any time? Yes, you can close your Shopify account at any time.

How long are Shopify contracts for? If you buy an annual or 2-year plan and not pay in this way, all plans work on monthly payments and monthly contracts.

Are there any discounts available? Yes, if paid in advance, there is a 10% discount on the annual payment plan and a 20% discount on the two-year payment plan.

Can I change the package you choose later? Yes, you can change the package of your choice at any time. You can update the up and down plans at any time.

After answering common frequently asked questions about Shopify payments, let’s review the packages now:

There are 3 packages that we can open an online store with our domain name and brand:

Basic Shopify (Basic Package)

If you are just opening your e-commerce site and you are new to Shopify and you do not have a specialist consultant in this regard, you can choose the basic package of Shopify for a real e-commerce site. The package you pay $ 29 per month is discounted for annual payments.

With this package, you can open your e-commerce site at your own address. Moreover, the SSL security certificate, which is important for Google, is provided free of charge.

You can add an unlimited number of products and files with the entry-level package.

You can add 2 employee accounts. Thus, people outside of you can also operate the online store. For example, your customer representative, your operation worker who sends the cargoes can reach the system through their own panels.

You can create a discount code. You can increase your sales by spreading the discount codes you create for promotional and advertising purposes.

The payment method that you can use for your e-commerce store in Turkey you pay through your Shopify turnover of 2% commission. As your turnover increases, you can go to upper packs at any time to reduce the commission rate.

Shopify (Standard Package)
There are a few additional features in the standard Shopify package depending on the entry level. These:

Creating a gift voucher
Professional reports
Conversion of abandoned baskets for sale
Gift vouchers are not necessary, but converting the abandoned baskets into sales will increase your turnover, which brings an important advantage in which Shopify package question.

Also, the number of accounts you can open for your employees increases from 2 to 5.

The standard package comes with $ 79 per month and there is also a discount on annual payments. As soon as your monthly turnover exceeds $ 5000, the standard package comes free because the Shopify commission, which is 2% at entry level, drops to 1%.

When your turnover increases a bit, it would be the right decision to switch to a $ 79 package to increase your sales with additional functions and increase your commission rate.

Advanced Shopify
There are 2 new features in the advanced package: Detailed report generator and shipping fee calculator for third party shipping companies.

Obviously you don’t need the features that come with the advanced package. But the commission rate received by Shopify drops to 0.5%, which you can think of if your turnover is high.

In order to cost $ 299 per month, you need to make approximately 40 thousand dollars more revenue than the standard package. I think it’s unnecessary. So I suggest you to choose one of the Simple or Standard packages according to your turnover and your needs.

You can visit Shopify pricing page for the most up-to-date fee information of Shopify.

Which Shopify package should we decide?
In short, if you are asking which Shopify package should I choose, my answer is to shop online with Shopify with your own domain name and the most suitable options to start e-commerce are Shopify Lite for $ 29 or Shopify for $ 70 per month.

If you want to try Shopify for 14 days free of charge without a credit card, you can open your account right here. When you see how easy Shopify is, you can continue directly from the trial account you have established by choosing one of the paid packages.