How Dribbble Turned My Hobby Into a Career
Justas Galaburda

I got my Dribbble invite finally this morning after having sharing and submitting and refining my work for last 4–5 months. I started designing to achieve this first milestone and I lack words at the moment about how I feel.

I have been active on Dribbble as a mere viewer for last year or so and I used to open the site daily. I used to observe ideas and colors, structures and aesthetics. I used be itching to post on Dribbble but I can’t (till today). What you just wrote in this article was very inspirational and helpful. I wish someday I too get a chance to ‘live’ a Disney tales just like you and other thousands of Dribbblers.

Its not the chances you never get that have to be blamed for everything, stop for a while and ask yourself that ‘ were you crazy about that chance at the first place?’


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