How To Give Your Laptop a Touchscreen

So touchscreens are pretty sweet right?

They are super useful, especially on laptops, where you’d usually need to use the trackpad on the machine, or connect your own Bluetooth mouse and find a nice flat area to use it.
But despite the superior functionality, not all laptops are blessed with touchscreens. So what can you do if your laptop was born without a touchscreen? It’s pretty difficult to install your own touchscreen isn’t it? Actually, the team at Neonode have created a super easy way to install your own touchscreen and it’s called AirBar.

AirBar is a sleek, lightweight device that attaches to the bottom of a PC screen and emits an invisible light field that senses touch from any object. You can use gloves while using it and you can even use a stylus. The promotional video they made for it also brags that you can use chopsticks with it, but if you’re a messy eater, maybe keep the eating utensils away from your computer. It connects via USB and there’s no extra software to install, all you gotta do is plug it in and it’s ready to go.

It works on most PCs and Chromebooks, however it has limited functionality on Apple computers. But that’s okay, because the new Macbook Pros have got that part covered with their own incredible new touchscreen capabilities. /sarcasm

No… a touchbar? What the hell were they thinking?

But the best part of all would have to be the fact that it sticks to your screen using magnets!
AirBar is made to be used on notebooks, which means the largest screen size it will accommodate is 15.6 inches and is only suitable for screens using a 16:9 aspect ratio. There’s no word yet as to whether they will make a bigger AirBar for larger screens in the future but my bet is, if you’re using a higher-end laptop with a large screen, you’d probably prefer the accuracy of a Bluetooth mouse anyway.
 AirBar is for $69USD and can be bought from the AirBar website.

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