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Hey Simon, thank you for your reply. I just now put back the article closer to the way I originally wrote it. A large online publication is publishing this tomorrow so I went in and cleaned it up a bit to make it more readable. My first draft was written out of anger. I was pissed another streamer died entertaining us. Regardless of the cause, it is wrong for a person to lose their life in a non- violent occupation such as this.

My first draft was sort of scatterbrained stream of consciousness and I felt if the new publication was to use this I should try to clean it up. You are right it IS the fault of the platform. There is probably no easy fix. Maybe their new community initiative might work to fix it but right now it feels confused and “why should I even use this again?”

There is a definite hierarchy at the platform, a good ole boy network if you will. I kind of alluded to that when I mentioned I didn't fit their demographic. It is a new frontier very wild west right now. In years to come it should become “better” whatever that means? I expect it to improve over time. I am not bitter by any of this and don’t blame anyone. It was the game I chose to play and I knew the rules, my body just didn't want to play along.

Thanks for the nice comment.

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