Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

It’s the third of the Andela Bootcamp and morale is still high. Tasks are being done, learning is in full swing, friends are being made. I will like to write about the interesting people I have met so far on this journey but I can only pick three of them to write about.

Top of the park has to be Samuel Longshak (I need to ask what his surname means) from Plateau. First time I met him was at the interview and somehow I knew we would be friends. Samuel is always willing to help others. He doesn’t mind how inconvenient answering any question might be. And he is always ready to compare notes and ask for clarifications whenever he needs it also. Today. we will be working together on the second phase of our project and I bet it would be interesting.

Sophia, who I like to call Sophie is also a lady I liked as soon as I met her, she is soft-spoken but it is clear that she is very intelligent. Since Monday, we have collaborated together on our projects. Shared resources and went back home together. And I know we will make awesome friends.

Kemi is one interesting person I met, on the first day of boot camp, as I was still gathering my thoughts, someone just shouted ‘Alhaja’, turned out we have a mutual friend. She was super helpful on the first day while I was trying to understand the algorithm of the first task. We haven’t seen since Monday but we have checked up on each other on slack to see what the progress is like.

Also worthy of mention is Chuks and Chi. Two other very smart people I met today. Hope to get to know more about them as the days goes by.

It’s just the third day though, I believe at the end of the boot camp, I will have more nice details to share about them and the other interesting people I have met.

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