Think Updating the Pokemon App Fixed your Permissions? Think Again.

Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go updated their app to fix the permissions issue in iOS when logging in using Google you’ve been hearing about everywhere. Originally, the App asked no questions about permissions and simply signed you in with Full Access. What’s Full Access?

Mind you, they still don’t say exactly WHAT fields, but that’s another ball of wax…

Yeah, that’s full access. and if you logged into the App using Google on an iOS device, you’d given it the keys to the kingdom.


Now, the maker of the App fixed this fairly quickly, but they also fixed another thing, the fact that the app logs you out automatically, and fairly frequently.

I signed into the Pokemon Go App again after the update, and it now asks me for specific permissions.

Well that’s more like it!

So Hooray for that! Right? But in my Google Account it still shows as authorized for full access… Womp Womp. Now, if you haven’t used the app before, this won’t be an issue, but I had! So…


I then deleted the access..

This house…. is CLEAR!!!!

But thanks to the fix to keep the app logged in, I still was able to play with no permissions set for my login account.

I then logged out of Pokemon Go, and logged back in, going through the same limited permissions questions, and TADA! We now have proper permissions in Google!

Want to fix your permissions for your iOS device now that your app has updated? Just go to the Apps Connected Page here:

And remove the access as I illustrated above. Then, log in to Pokemon Go (Or Log out and Log back in) using Google and it will ask for the right permissions and re-authorize.

Happy Hunting!