Woocommerce cart never updates?

Hi! I decided to document every problem I face whether I am able to solve them or not. Here is what happened.

I have webmin + virtualmin on a server and I have a WordPress installation on one of the virtual server. On the WP installation, I have divi + woocommerce. Launch was supposed to happened on the 28th and then problem happened!

The cart never updated. It was just stuck in a loop. Same thing whether I was logged in or out.

What did I do?

When I checked all the code and it was current, I felt the gods were following me.

I created another installation of WP with the same conditions on another server. It was easy to move with ssh in seconds 😘😘

Then, at the point when I hadn’t brought the database in, it was working fine but it wasn’t when I brought the db. I eventually had to delete the woocommerce data with define(‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true); in wp-config.php

And since I exported the products from the other server, I reimported them(and the uploads folder) and it is now working.

Ran into this problem too? Share how you solved it