12 Genius Ideas by Black Women

May 1, 2017 · 3 min read
Speakers: Marcia Cole, Rhonesha Byng, Renae Bluitt, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, Chana Ginelle Ewing, Crystal McCrary, Jamilah Lemieux, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, and Veronica Webb (not pictured, Lauren Maillian and Demma Rosa Rodriguez) at “Black, Woman, and Genius: The Power of Identity” at Google NYC on 4.24.17.

As Black women we have to own that we are inherently extraordinary. We have to live our lives as our full selves: Black, woman, AND genius. At GeenieBox, we share the stories of women who have created their own lanes, women who are thriving. Our Geenies are Black women who are among the most successful and celebrated in their fields; their candidness and transparency on their journeys, make room at the table for all of us. In partnership with Google’s Black Googler Network, GeenieBox gathered a few Geenies for a magical Monday evening at Google NYC, “Black, Woman, and Genius: The Power of Identity” to discuss thriving in corporate America, entrepreneurial endeavors, family life and beyond.

On Being Who You Are

“Give yourself permission to be your full self. Show up fully in any space you enter into. You get to define that. No one else defines that for you.” — Marcia Cole

“Own who you are and the way that you come and stand proud in your skin.” — Lauren Maillian

On Taking Charge

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” — Rhonesha Byng

“When I’m asked ‘how does it feel to have a seat at the table,’ I don’t feel like it’s a table I shouldn’t be at. ” — Lauren Maillian

On Pursuing Your Dreams

“It’s never too late to start something. It’s never too late to try something. It’s never too late to become something.” — Veronica Webb

“I decided I was going to believe in myself. I decided I was going to invest in myself, in a dream that I had long had that no one else was feeding into.” — Crystal McCrary

On Being A Black Woman at Work & Beyond

“Stop apologizing for wanting to be excellent.” — Lauren Maillian

“I don’t define myself by where I work. I define myself by what I do.” — Rhonesha Byng

“Work should be things that bring value to my life and to the world around me.” — Jamilah Lemieux

“If it’s an environment where you feel like your natural hair isn’t welcomed, is that somewhere you want to work? Own it. Be confident.” — Renae Bluitt

On Financial Freedom

“Just because you can pay for something doesn’t mean you can afford it.” — Tiffany “TheBudgetnista” Aliche

“Here’s the secret to gaining freedom through your finances: 1. Knowledge 2. Access 3. Community.” — Tiffany “TheBudgetnista” Aliche

Although ingenuity flows through us all; gems and words of wisdom from fellow smart Black girls inspire us, propel us to keep chasing our dreams, and remind us to stand tall with purpose etched into our spines. We hope these gems guide you on your journey onward and upwards.


GeenieBox is where Black women connect to celebrate, refuel and power up. Each month, GeenieBox introduces an iconic woman who curates a box of her favorite things that inspire ambitious women to keep going. Our “Geenie” curator of the month shares a book, beauty/productivity/wellness products, and VIP experiences (webinars, museum circles, events and more). The Box brings us together to exchange ideas, learn from, amplify and support one another on our Geenie journeys. Our community also gives forward — advancing women-centric social impact initiatives by donating 5–12% of monthly subscriptions. GeenieBox is the magical gift of motivation you give yourself and others who live and love the mantra “women support women.”


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