Geeny thinks differently about IoT

Hi everyone, I am Moritz Diekmann, a Managing Director at Telefónica Germany. Im proud to lead our IoT line of business called Geeny. This is my first blog entry and I hope the first of many.

We launched Geeny because we believe smart things should serve real consumer insights and needs, adding value and reducing the pain that technology sometimes causes. Right now the whole smart thing proposition is technically driven, boringly sold and mainly not very understandable from a consumer perspective. In order to build sustainable smart thing revenue, consumer companies need to address real consumer needs. That is the reason for our strong consumer focus.

Geeny helps B2C product centric companies to enter the age of the Internet of Things. Geeny is a platform that connects not just smart objects, but services, devices, systems and most importantly consumers. We want to help companies focus on what they do best: launching great products in their category whilst Geeny gets the gritty tech stuff done, and done fast and right.

If you are a company that needs to make your product smart (or smarter), that’s where we step in. These companies should focus and concentrate on what they do best, in their actual product, but Geeny and Geeny’s partners take care of all the gnarly techy parts. We will help them with our platform and ecosystem so that those products can be smart tomorrow, providing competitive advantage and answering competitive threats by new entrants.

We want to become the preferred B2B partner for OEM`s to enter the smart products world, as we provide a superior software as a service type offering for consumer focused smart things.

In only few years we will have lots of connected devices of different categories. I want the consumer to choose the one with Geeny inside, which will result in a superior user experience. With multiple connected devices in the future, with Geeny the consumer will know who can access their data and can decide who can be their billing partner or who they want to share devices with. All this in a unique place to manage all your devices: the Geeny platform. Our data privacy is absolutely reliable and trustworthy and we believe that the user should have complete authority of their data.

Consumers need control

Ultimately, what we are doing that is really different is thinking deeply about consumer IoT, not just IoT in general and as a consequence of that taking user control of data seriously, and giving IoT application developers the infrastructure to help them take it seriously too. This kind of approach didn’t matter in industrial IoT but it is crucial in consumer IoT.

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