PowerPoint Musings 02: Procrastination Perils

In an earlier story, I spoke about how last-minute slide creation can result in bad slides. Let’s face it: time is a commodity that cannot be compromised. You really need the right amount of time to create good slides, and there are no shortcuts.

Yes, some preparation can save time in the long run, but even preparation needs time.

Yes again, you should not have to do repeated tasks again. Using existing content as a starting point can help, as long as you use your own content rather than something that does not belong to you.

Finally, automation can help immensely. Try to use PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, or use some add-ins to extend PowerPoint’s capabilities.

So yes, preparation, repetition, and automation can all help. But you still need time. And if there’s one thing that never helps, that is procrastination.

Image: Pixabay

What has procrastination got to do with PowerPoint? Lots! Let us look at two scenarios that end up with slide creation delays, and procrastination plays a role in both of them:

1. Someone Else Procrastinates

What if someone else procrastinates and only informs you at the nth hour that you need to create those slides by the end of the day, or by tomorrow morning?

You wish you had more time, but now you don’t. And although you do your best, you know that you could have done it better if you had more time.

2. You Procrastinate

What if you were told to create slides a week ago? You may have thought that creating slides is an easy task, and decided to postpone this work.

And before you know, the week went by!

The moral of this post is that no one should procrastinate, especially if you want to end up with good looking slides.

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