Trust… Hard to gain. Easy to lose.

Most of us have a problem trusting someone. Anyone. Most of us need months if not years and a few instances or experiences with the other person before we start trusting them.

What makes us so defensive in trusting each other? Most often, it is because of past experiences. When someone broke our trust, hurt us at an emotional level. These past experiences always keep us on the alert, defensive and on guard. Basically make us a live wire all the time.

On the contrary, Trust is a very natural trait for every every human. Right from their childhood, an infant trusts what we put in their mouth as food. Trusts us to hold on to them when we carry them.

We may argue that by taking time to trust someone, we protect ourselves from getting hurt. But there is no guarantee that after all, the person we trust may still break it, and we still may get hurt.

In the meanwhile, we spent most of time evaluating the person and being worried about it.

Why can we not trust someone right from the word go? If they break that trust at some point, we learn from it. At least this way, we are not live wired all the time.

Trust need not take a long time to build.