We live in a fog of implicit rules that our culture has taught us to blindly accept. And since we are social beings, it feels right and natural to go along with what everyone else is doing.
Systems of Wealth Hoarding Hide in Your Mind
Joe Brewer

Your arguments seem reasonable, Joe. However I can’t understand why the premise is still based in cognitive “hooks and levers”. By stating that our difficult as average people in seeing the macroeconomic problems systematically is due to the cultural “fog” of rules which we are surrounded, it seems enough. It also seems very unlikely that we can see these complex symbolic relations by ourselves without good instruction. As we are acting parts of our own cultures (i.e., agents), thus, also responsible for its evolution, if there is a ‘mind’ it is not caged in our bodies, but coded in the social system (see Rachlin’s “The scape of the mind”, for more depth in this conception). These rules have many origins (i.e., build up by entire communities, organizations or ‘agencies’, like state supported ones) and structures, but they function as behavioral blueprints for what natural selection don’t gave us. If we (not our brains alone) do not compute, is not our limitation, it is system’s, and by limitation I do not mean “impairment”.