Pajarito, Pajarito

English Translation:

The little bird sang

Waiting for the day

That you would come to him

Asking, what’s his name?

The little bird knew

That your future would be special

Full of love and laughter

By the name of, Sebastian

The little bird waited

Singing his little song

Day after day

With no one to listen

Until the day that you finally came

Little bird, little bird

Tell me the truth, tell me

How will the love of my life

Be called?

The little bird danced

Finally the day had come

When he could dance over

With a smile and a note

One the little paper it read

Dear Sophia,

You’d be happy without him, but

With Sebastian, you shall be a Mother

The two shall be your treasures

Your earth and your sea

With just this one note

Your life will change.