Why On screen takeoff software has been so popular till now?

Screen TakeOff software

Doing estimates by hand is obviously not a thing of today. In the time of digitization world is gifted with variety of softwares for almost every niche. Our construction professionals are also leveraging the benefits of this evolving technology. And among a number of takeoff softwares, it seems pretty hard for these professionals to pick one which is best for their business as well. Here On Screen TakeOff software tops the chart of takeoff or estimating softwares available in the market.

On screen takeoff software(OST) is suitable for both- residential or commercial purpose no matter what is going on trend. The software uses the latest cutting edge technology that creates takeoffs straight from your PC screen. It allows estimators to either manually or digitally “takeoff” item quantities for bidding. OST goes well with multiple construction trades from landscaping to roofing and pavers to large-scale businesses.

This construction takeoff software supports common digital file formats like .TIF .CAL and other standard CAD formats. With this “paperless” system you can easily see your blueprints on your computer screens and then measure all your lengths,volumes and areas with just few mouse clicks. Other similar advantages of this amazing software are:

  • This On Screen TakeOff software is great because of its time saving capabilities. It is fully automated hence there is no worry of losing data if you forget to save some.
  • It creates your takeoffs in layers so that you can hide your certain takeoffs if needed.
  • The software allows you to export your take-offs to an excel file.
  • As no software is error free, OST also has some space for mistakes. But it minimizes the risks by predefining the scales of each sheet and it auto-calculates your takeoffs as you move further.

Well this is a brief introduction of what an On Screen takeoff software is and what you can do with this. So Include it in your construction profession and share your experience in the comment box below.