Accordion / Devil / Can

Photo by Jordan Sanchez

Most people dream of going to heaven, maybe it’s not really what they dream about, but there is a high probability that they will choose not to step into hell once they disappear from the earth.

The bible has a lot to do with it, even though it doesn’t specifically mention the existence of a devil, it makes us believe that there is a paradise where we will go once we are dead if we ​​have carved a reputation worthy to be among the members of the celestial choir. Some place where harps and trumpets sound and cherubs walk with wide smiles.

Hell must be more like the subway on a summer day, with no divine songs, maybe some accordion that sounds rhythmically with one of those repetitive bases that gets into the brain and surprise you at any time of your day. Perhaps that’s what we can expect if we don’t go to heaven, pass the can waiting for the charity of those who ask for mercy.