What Are We Doing Here?
Hilal Isler

I come here to read. It’s a gift. A gift that new and old are side by side at my fingertips. A gift that I can reach out to interact. A gift that occasionally they reach back.

Writing on Medium is icing. It untraps the thoughts and gives them a new home. “Don’t be afraid” is certainly the mantra one must repeat to have courage to spill those soul-baring words, the ones that may not be as popular as a listicle, the ones that hit readers so deeply they may not want to hit that greeny for fear of being outed for their feelings of association to your piece.

Some let this guide and alter their style. Others read a compass much closer. It’s in those that I find the truest, most authentic voice. It’s in those that I find delight when they flood my feed.


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