Gemma, I was thinking of you just on Thursday.
Tre L. Loadholt

It’s a mix. I’m a reader first. But sometimes the events that seem to inspire others to write it out just leave me speechless.

I’ve felt this way since the Brock Turner thing, or Bill Cosby, or before that if I’m counting.

I’ve been stunned and disgusted and sad and proud at each new gross news cycle, at those who poured forth their own stories, lending validation and support to others, sharing their past, helping others.

I peeked out from the covers just long enough say something about the sudden appearance of the “we like to fantasize about little kids but not actually touch them” group, and was left-again-speechless that one tried pointedly to change my mind.

I wish I could say I’ve been taking a break to work on my novel. Not so. I’m just stuck digging through so much WTF when I log in that I get off track. I couldn’t even get Knob prompts to load lately.

Hoping to get my Medium feed back on track. This was a great start. 💚

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