You don’t know me:

The series: Explained and contained.

photo: Steven Pisano

I suppose it’s time to corral the pieces that go together yet that don’t really. I’d like to explain that while this is a series in a sense, each is unto itself and completely apart from the others. There is no order in which to read them and no characters intersect any two stories.

Except of course, me.

I hope that those who have consumed parts of this series will see what I see — that when we observe those around us, connections are made. That we are not so different, and that we can find pieces of ourselves in others. Sometimes the light has to be just right. Sometimes it’s in meeting others and really seeing them that we find ourselves.

I suppose it’s in the spirit of our first common scar, that belly button serving as a life-long reminder of the connection to our mothers. Or the way that our brains will instinctively recognize facial features in rock formations and trees and funny bathtub faucets.

Sometimes we even show others our proverbial belly buttons so they can see they are not so different from us and know that they are not alone. Sometimes it’s enough to tell someone, “I see you”.

Will there be more in this series? I don’t know. Maybe. I hope so. There are so many interesting people around who have made me reflect on myself. These are a thank you to them.

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