Cardella: Parking problems
Bill Gelman

The parking is definitely a problem for many parts of the city. What do you think about the sanitation collection?

I wouldn’t take a spot outside my own home when it’s trash & recycling collecting day. Perhaps, you can look into that. I respect the job. It’s not easy. It’s not fair to paint all the workers with the same brush but, I feel like it’s getting way out of control. It’s so prevalent.

The reason I say I wouldn’t even park outside any home during trash day is one simple reason. There’s a great lack of care and consideration for people’s property.

The containers are dragged along denting and damaging cars all along the pickup routes. I watched some poor person’s car, while stopped at a red light, receive a warm welcome to South Philadelphia…

As if the damaged to the vehicle being done wasn’t enough. Why not toss the empty trash can for good measure… Yooo! Truck moves… Next up…. the next car… Ding! Trash can thrown again.

Scratch the car…break the can…off we go… Yoooo! Truck moves.

I wouldn’t want the parking spot up the street anyhow.

Parking on a non residential street with no trash or recycling seems better – still can’t escape the busted up cans and occasional property damage.

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